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aLFA ONDO is a game development company and an indie studio dedicated to designing mobile games.

 We have departments for Midcore games and Hyper/Casual mobile games.

Our professional game development services help you create your game idea. Formats include Android and iOS mobile games, both 2D and 3D games in different game genres, educational games for mobile, and gamification solutions for businesses.

Our Games

mobile game development throw the balls screenshot

Throw the Balls

Compete to earn the most score!
You have only 5 balls.


Flying Pig

‌ ‌ Tap on the screen to make the flying pig bounce up. Eat apples and avoid the obstacles.

screen shot of 'Alien Surfer' the hyper casual game for iOS

Alien Surfer: Glide the Earth

You drive an alien spacecraft around the 3D planets and try to catch energy assets and colonize on the planet.

Jumper: A Light Odyssey

Jump from one asset to another, catch them to prevent your supportive shield from minimizing!

You must avoid different obstacles and catch boosters in upper levels.

screen shot of 'Domenico' amusical mobile game
Domenico: A space adventure

A musical casual game for mobile

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About us

aLFA ONDO provides you professional game development services.

Our goal, in addition to finding fun, is creating cognition, insight, influence, creativity, poke, study and research enthusiasm besides entertainment.

* aLFA ONDO in Esperanto language means ‘the alpha [brain] wave’.

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